☁ sunshine on a cloudy day (supportmybones) wrote in touchofgold,
☁ sunshine on a cloudy day

001. This is a community dedicated to Sarah Michelle Gellar, so please only post things regarding her - be it pictures, news, picspams, etc.
002. Icon posts will not be permitted. When it comes to fan-made graphics, we will only be accepting picspams. That means no wallpapers, no icons, and no banners.
003. For now, posts to the community will be unmoderated. This will stand until someone gives me a reason to moderate them.
004. When posting, please add a subject line as well as appropriate tags. If you are unsure how to do so, just look back at previous tags.
005. Everyone is expected to treat all the other members with respect. Anyone that causes problems WILL be banned, and will not be able to come back.
006. Since this is members only community, please make sure to make your post "members only."
007. Pimp the community out to your friends! ♥

Coming soon!
Tags: !affiliates, !mods, !rules
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